The Hon’ble PM introduced e-RUPI, a digital system that enables cashless payment for COVID-19 immunization. The National Payments Corporation of India is the company that powers the digital payment system, which was created with the help of the Department of Financial Services and the National Health Authority (NPCI).

Users may use this easy one-time payment method to make purchases at businesses that accept UPI e-Prepaid Vouchers without using a card, a digital wallet, or internet banking. Organizations would send the recipients the e-RUPI by SMS or QR code for a particular activity or purpose.

This contactless e-RUPI is simple, secure, and safe since it entirely protects the beneficiaries’ personal information. Because the needed amount is already saved in the voucher, the entire transaction procedure using this voucher is significantly faster and more trustworthy.

What Are The Benefits For Corporate e-Rupi ?

Corporate entities can promote the health of their employees by providing UPI Prepaid Vouchers.

It is an entirely digital transaction that requires no physical issue (cards or vouchers), which lowers costs.

Visibility for using vouchers

The issuer can keep track of voucher redemption.

the distribution of contactless, quick, and safe vouchers

What Are The Benefits For Hospitals?

Simple & Secure – A verification code shared by the beneficiary authorizes the voucher.

Contactless payment collection that is hassle-free and does not involve the handling of cash or credit cards

E-vouchers may be redeemed quickly in a few steps with a smaller decrease because of the pre-blocked amount.

What Are The Benefits For End Users?

The beneficiary need not carry a printout of the e-voucher because it is contactless.

Redeeming is simple and just requires two steps.

Beneficiaries don’t have to give their personal information, protecting their privacy, and making the process safe and secure.

Users redeeming the voucher just need a mobile device and the e-voucher; they are not required to have a bank account or a digital payment app.

What Banks Are Live with E-RUPI

State Bank of India


Axis Bank

Punjab National Bank

Bank of Baroda

Canara Bank

IndusInd Bank


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