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About Us

Moneynotsleep.com was born on 8th December 2020 where people come to create wealth and sought-after investment updates, specifically chosen for them. We are the “financial media house”, where you get transparent, quick, and fastest information about investment and trading-related opportunities

What we do for you?

Since the day we started, we have engaged our users with sharp and core financial news updates, which creates a favorable ecosystem for our customers. We provide you with the most valuable products at moneynotsleep.com that helps you choose the wisest financial investments opportunities. 

Hence, in the financial Bazaar, we have some products to offer you.

Why Us?

Well, principally there are 4 key reasons to prove that:

  • Well-knit network of customers and research analysts giving real feedback and all-time updates, which we deliver to your phone screen.
  • We provide our customers with simplified plans to be considered for news optimization and the amount of assistance they require.
  • Freedom to follow whichever news expert or research analyst based on their experience and key skills. We provide our customers with 100% true and unhampered news so that they can choose the perfect investment opportunity.
  • Fastest, accurate, and news from every corner of the financial world, which keeps you upfront. Thus, we believe that wealth creation is not an overnight phenomenon, it takes patience and experience to get an exponential compounding as per the nature of your investment.
Let’s look at some data that we are proud to illustrate:

700+ Clients in less than a year

Where, 84.72% are Part-time clients

15.28% are Full-time clients


Deepa Gupta

SEBI registered analyst

Deepa Gupta, SEBI registered analyst INH300006263 is one of the finest professional Technical analyst in the Indian stock market.Her ultimate motto is to encourage & motivate people to invest at right place in the Equity market and maximise wealth.

Lokesh Sethia

SEBI registered analyst

Lokesh Sethia, SEBI registered analyst INH100005233 is delivering advisory in Equity stock market that provides investors with right information, analysis, updates and recommendations to empower high returns. He is amongst one of the experts with number of popular and prominent names in the industry.

Nitin Gami

SEBI registered analyst

Renowned and SEBI registered analyst INH300002571, Nitin Gami, having rich experience of more than 20 years in Research & Advisory services. He is having expertism in Technical Analysis, Gann theory and he is also serving in financial astrology. He holds strong experience to serve in Indian Equity & Commodity market.

Suryadev Bandari

SEBI registered analyst

Suryadev Bandari is SEBI Registered Research Analyst having more than 15 years of experience in the Indian Stock Market. Provides Best trading recommendations in Futures and Options segment, based on Technical Analysis and Elliottwave Principle for high probability success. Appeared live on TV5 news channel from 2018 & 2019 for 2 years. Since March 2020 every Tuesday from 2.00 pm to 3.00pm appearing live on Doordarshan 8 Yadagiri.