At Macrotech Developers, we understand the concerns surrounding the recent 3% fall in our company’s share price after a promoter sold their stake. We recognize the importance of transparency and wish to provide clarity on this matter to our investors and stakeholders.


Macrotech Developers, formerly known as Lodha Group, is one of India’s leading real estate developers with a strong presence in residential and commercial projects. Over the years, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality developments and providing value to our customers.

Promoter Stake Sale

The recent share fall can be attributed to the sale of a significant stake by one of our promoters. While such transactions can sometimes lead to short-term fluctuations in share prices, it is essential to understand the rationale behind.

Rationale for Stake Sale

The promoter’s decision to sell their stake in Macrotech Developers was driven by personal financial considerations and not reflective of any concerns regarding the company’s performance or prospects. It is essential to note that the promoter remains committed to the long-term success of the company and continues to hold a significant stake in Macrotech Developers.

Impact on Company Operations

Despite the share fall, it is crucial to emphasize that Macrotech Developers remains financially robust. And well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the real estate market. Ongoing projects continue to progress as planned. They are focused on delivering value to our customers and generating returns for our shareholders.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Macrotech Developers remains optimistic about the growth prospects of the real estate sector in India. With a strong pipeline of projects and a focus on innovation and sustainability they are confident to create long-term value for all stakeholders.


In conclusion, the recent share price fall at Macrotech Developers following a promoter’s stake sale is a temporary market reaction. Its does not reflect the underlying strength of our business.