In a noteworthy development that highlights the ever-expanding capabilities of NBCC (National Buildings Construction Corporation) latest achievement in securing a substantial work order from the Indian Medical Association. The renowned construction conglomerate has successfully clinched. A substantial work order valued at INR 66.3 crore from the esteemed Indian Medical Association (IMA). This achievement not only underscores NBCC’s prowess in the construction domain. But also solidifies its reputation as a reliable partner for various prestigious projects.

The Unveiling of the Work Order

The Indian Medical Association, an esteemed body representing medical professionals .Across the nation, has chosen NBCC to undertake a project of paramount importance. This significant venture entails the construction of a state-of-the-art medical research facility. That is poised to contribute extensively to the healthcare sector’s growth and advancement. The allocated budget of INR 66.3 crore attests to the scale. And complexity of the project, further reinforcing NBCC’s capabilities in executing large-scale ventures.

Collaborative Excellence

The collaboration between NBCC and the Indian Medical Association reflects a symbiotic partnership aimed at achieving excellence in construction and healthcare infrastructure. By leveraging NBCC’s expertise in construction and project management, the Indian Medical Association is set to establish a cutting-edge facility equipped with advanced research capabilities, training centers, and medical amenities.

Key Highlights of the Project

  1. Advanced Infrastructure: The upcoming medical research facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to groundbreaking medical research and innovation.
  2. Technological Integration: NBCC’s commitment to technological advancement will be evident in the incorporation of smart systems, energy-efficient solutions, and modern architectural designs that optimize both functionality and aesthetics.
  3. Collaborative Spaces: The project envisions collaborative spaces that facilitate interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange among medical professionals, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth.
  4. Sustainability Focus: In line with NBCC’s dedication to sustainability, the facility will incorporate eco-friendly practices, energy-efficient systems, and responsible waste management, aligning with global environmental standards.

Project Timeline and Milestones

The construction project is planned to unfold in distinct phases. Each marked by specific milestones that highlight NBCC’s meticulous project management approach. The timeline includes the procurement of raw materials, commencement of construction, installation of advanced systems, and final project delivery. By adhering to these milestones, NBCC aims to ensure timely completion without compromising quality.

The NBCC Advantage

As an industry leader with a legacy spanning decades. NBCC brings to the table an unparalleled blend of experience, expertise, and innovation. This, coupled with the organization’s commitment to delivering excellence. Positions NBCC as the ideal partner for esteemed institutions such as the Indian Medical Association.


Inconclusion, NBCC latest achievement in securing a substantial work order from the Indian Medical Association. This is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. The forthcoming medical research facility stands as a symbol of progress, poised to contribute significantly to the medical field’s advancement. As NBCC continues to set new standards in construction and infrastructure. Its partnership with the Indian Medical Association underscores the power of collaborative . Efforts in shaping a brighter future for healthcare and research.