Reliance Industries has announced significant capital expenditure plans, which are expected to provide long-term benefits to the company. According to JPMorgan, R Capex benefits will start to flow in FY25, and the risk-reward is attractive for investors. In this article, we will discuss why Reliance Industries’ Capex benefits make the risk-reward attractive and why investors should consider investing in the company.

Reliance Industries Capex Plans

Reliance Industries has announced a significant Capex plan, with a focus on its digital and retail businesses. Active voice sentence: Over the next three years, Reliance Industries plans to invest around INR 75,000 crore ($10 billion) in its digital business Jio and retail business Reliance Retail, with Jio’s investment prioritizing the building of a 5G network and Reliance Retail’s investment prioritizing the expansion of its presence in the Indian market.

Benefits of Reliance Industries Capex Plan

This is expected to provide the company with several benefits, including a significant advantage over its competitors in the Indian market through its investment in Jio’s 5G network. With 5G technology, Reliance Industries can offer faster internet speeds. More reliable connections, which will be a significant advantage for its customers. Second, the investment in Reliance Retail is expected to help the company expand. Its presence in the Indian market, where it already has a significant presence. This expansion will allow the company to reach more customers and increase its market share.

Why the Risk-Reward is Attractive

JPMorgan believes that Reliance Industries Capex benefits will start to flow in FY25. Which means that investors who invest in the company now will be able to reap the benefits in the long run. Which will translate into higher earnings for investors. JPMorgan predicts that the Capex benefits will start to flow in FY25, making the risk-reward attractive for investors. Which means that investors can have confidence in the company’s ability to execute its Capex plan successfully.


To summarize, Reliance Industries Capex plan presents an appealing risk-reward opportunity for investors. Reliance Industries’ investment in Jio’s 5G network and expansion of Reliance Retail are expected to generate significant revenue, thereby providing long-term benefits to the company. Therefore, investors should consider investing in Reliance Industries to take advantage of its growth potential and higher earnings prospects.