Suhail Sameer, the CEO of BharatPe, has resigned from his position and will become the Strategic Advisor for the company starting January 7, according to PTI. Nalin Negi has been appointed as the interim CEO. 

Suhail Sameer steps down as CEO of BharatPe and will become a Strategic Advisor

In a statement, BharatPe explained that this change is intended to allow for a smooth transition and to enable Negi, the current CFO, to work with senior executives to improve the company’s performance in all areas of its business. 

This follows a number of high-level departures from the fintech company, including the Chief Technology Officer, the head of PostPe, the Chief Product Officer, the Chief Revenue Officer, and a founding member. Sameer, who took over as CEO in August 2021 after being appointed president in August 2020, had been facing personal attacks from former CEO Ashneer Grover in recent weeks. BharatPe has been searching for a new CEO to replace Sameer.