Understanding the Narrative Backlash Controversy of Vipul Shah’s “The Kerala Story”

The Indian film industry has always been a hub of controversies.The latest one that has hit the headlines is the narrative backlash controversy surrounding the release of Vipul Shah’s “The Kerala Story.” The movie, which was set to release in March 2022, has sparked a heated debate among the film fraternity and audiences alike. In this article, we dive deep into the controversy and explore the various perspectives that have emerged.


“The Kerala Story” is a biopic based on the life of Jinson Johnson, a renowned Indian athlete from Kerala. The movie’s trailer, which was released in February 2022, generated significant attention for its depiction of the athlete’s struggles and triumphs.

The Narrative Backlash

The narrative backlash against “The Kerala Story” stems from the movie’s portrayal of Jinson Johnson’s personal life and the alleged biases that it promotes. Some sections of the audience and the film fraternity argue. The movie seeks to marginalize other communities and promote a particular religious ideology. They contend that the movie’s depiction of Jinson Johnson’s personal life is an attempt to push a specific agenda and that it does not accurately represent the athlete’s life.

Supporters of the movie, on the other hand, argue that it is a biopic and that it portrays Jinson Johnson’s life and struggles with accuracy.

The Controversy

The controversy surrounding “The Kerala Story” has led to a polarized opinion within the film fraternity and among the audience. Several prominent figures from the industry have expressed their support for the movie. While others have criticized it for promoting a particular religious ideology. The controversy has also sparked a debate on the portrayal of real-life events in movies. And the responsibility that filmmakers have towards the audience.


The narrative backlash controversy surrounding Vipul Shah’s “The Kerala Story” has become a contentious issue. That has divided the film fraternity and audiences alike. While some argue that the movie promotes a particular religious ideology. Also seeks to marginalize other communities, supporters of the movie contend that it accurately portrays the life of Jinson Johnson. The controversy has also sparked a debate on the responsibility that filmmakers have towards the audience when portraying real-life events in movies.