Tips Industries experienced a surge of nearly 6 percent, reaching a 52-week high of Rs 433.45 substantial Rs 248-crore share deal involving the exchange of around 65 lakh shares, representing a 5.1 percent equity change. The transaction occurred at a floor price of Rs 380 per share, reflecting a notable 7.5 percent discount from the previous day’s closing price.

Transaction Details

Equity Exchange

The noteworthy equity exchange, totaling 65 lakh shares, played a pivotal role in the surge. The floor price of Rs 380 per share indicates the strategic pricing that led to a 7.5 percent discount, adding intrigue to the transaction.

Identifying Stakeholders

Despite the significance of the deal, the buyers and sellers involved in the transaction remain undisclosed. The lack of immediate identification adds an element of mystery to the transaction, leaving investors and market enthusiasts curious about the strategic moves behind the scenes.

Market Response

Stock Movement

Tips Industries was actively trading at Rs 432 on the National Stock Exchange. The surge triggered by the substantial deal was evident, marking a notable 52-week high for the company’s stock.

Volumetric Impact

The large deal not only impacted the stock price but also led to a substantial increase in trading volumes. A remarkable 70 lakh shares changed hands in the morning session, significantly surpassing the one-month daily traded average of 9 lakh shares. This surge in volumes underscores the market’s reaction to the substantial equity exchange.

Financial Performance

Q3FY24 Results

Tips Industries reported impressive financial results for the December quarter. The company witnessed a remarkable 72 percent year-on-year rise in net profit, reaching Rs 34.7 crore. Additionally, revenue experienced a substantial 27 percent jump, totaling Rs 64.8 crore.


The surge in Tips Industries stock and the 52-week high following the Rs 248-crore share deal highlights the company’s strategic positioning in the market. Despite the lack of disclosed stakeholders, the impact on stock prices and trading volumes indicates a positive market response. The impressive financial performance and successful content releases further contribute to Tips Industries favorable standing in the industry.