Titan Company Limited, India’s leading consumer goods company, recently announced their Q4 results, which exceeded market expectations. Investors are now wondering whether they should buy, sell, or hold Titan shares. In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis of Titan Q4 results and offer insights into what investors should consider when making their investment decisions.

Financial Performance

Titan’s revenue for the Q4 FY22 increased by 87.2% YoY to INR 8,901 crores, while the net profit increased by 449.6% YoY to INR 529 crores. The strong financial performance was driven by a recovery in consumer demand, favorable macroeconomic conditions, and a robust growth strategy.

Jewelry Segment

The jewelry segment of Titan has shown a remarkable performance in Q4 FY22, with a revenue growth of 99% YoY to INR 7,273 crores. The segment’s growth was driven by increased consumer spending, new product launches, and expansion in the retail network. The company’s flagship brand, Tanishq, has continued to perform well and has gained market share.

Watches Segment

The watches segment of Titan also showed a significant improvement in Q4 FY22, with a revenue growth of 75% YoY to INR 1,530 crores. The growth was driven by a revival in demand for premium watches, the launch of new collections, and the expansion of the distribution network.

Eyewear Segment

The eyewear segment of Titan has reported a revenue growth of 113% YoY to INR 71 crores in Q4 FY22. The growth was driven by increased demand for eyewear products, new product launches, and expansion in the retail network.


Titan Company has a strong brand portfolio and a well-established distribution network. Which positions it well to benefit from the recovery in consumer demand. The company’s growth strategy, which focuses on new product launches, expanding its retail network. Investing in digital capabilities drives expected future revenue growth.Titan’s management has also indicated that it plans to expand into new markets and product categories, which could lead to further revenue growth.


In conclusion, Titan Company’s Q4 FY22 results demonstrate a strong financial performance, particularly in the jewelry, watches, and eyewear segments. The company’s growth strategy and strong brand portfolio position it well to benefit from the recovery in consumer demand. We recommend that investors hold on to Titan shares and watch for further developments in the company’s growth strategy. Overall, Titan Company continues to be an attractive investment opportunity in the Indian luxury goods market.